Volta Control


Design, develop and manage your Cassandra database

Volta Control is a tool that allows you to design, implement and manage Cassandra database through a graphical interface. You will be able to display the list of keyspace and related tables in a node and carry out reading / writing / deleting operations using CQL code.


Satellite Volta Software License, Version 1.0, September 2014
By downloading and using this software, you agree to the terms and conditions of Satellite Volta Software License (SVSL) for use, reproduction, and distribution.
SVSL sets the same terms and conditions of the Apache Software License 2.0 (http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html), with the exception that:
– You may distribute copies of this software, but only without modifications, only in Object form and only free of charge
– This software is released in Object form only


Version Release date Change log Manual Windows Linux
volta-control-1.4.0 23/03/2015 Change log Manual Download for Windows Download tar.gz
(no installer)
Download for CentOS
Download for Debian
Download for Ubuntu
volta-control-1.3.0 22/12/2014 Change log Manual Download for Windows Download for Linux
volta-control-1.1.0 23/10/2014 Manual Download for Windows Download for Linux