The Project

We are Voltaic People. We came in peace. Join us to improve Cassandra power.


little_title_logoBig Data Management Solutions

The increasing need of public and private organizations to manage Big Data has shown the performance limits of existing relational DBMS (Database Management Systems), leading to a rethink of traditional IT architectures used in data management and storage.

Satellite Volta is a R&D project whose aim is to create and share a set of tools and libraries to support Open Source activities in the field of Big Data.

The first phase is about exploring issues related to Apache Cassandra, NoSQL database we chose as the foundation of our architecture. Subsequently, we are going to share tools and experiences concerning Batch Analysis and Enterprise Search.

Satellite Volta firmly believes in innovation: enterprises and developers can join the community contributing to Open Source projects, or simply sending suggestions and comments.

First releases consist of tools and libraries meeting the needs of the community, in order to simplify the installation, configuration, monitoring and development of the applications based on Cassandra DB.

We want to contribute in general to spread the culture of Open Source software and in particular the use of Apache Cassandra:

demonstrating its value in enterprise contexts
supporting its development and diffusion
creating “use cases”

We extend our commitment to the Cassandra Wiki of Apache Software Foundation.

Our tools and libraries are available also in the open and collaborative Cassandra Wiki, where many developers and community members hang out to find useful information and latest releases.

After years of benefiting from the source code like millions of users worldwide, we have the chance to give our support, too: by sharing our software solutions, we take part in the on-going effort of the community to enhance the collaboration in Apache Cassandra projects, further improving global teamwork on Big Data challenging topics.

little_title_logoBeyond the Scene

The project is based on our DB experience, our passion for innovation and our constant search for efficient and dynamic solutions.

We offer our expertise to the network because we believe in the added value of sharing. Be inspired by people keeping up with the latest IT technologies: we will support your experience in the wide Big Data world, listening carefully to your needs and providing new points of view to recognize and seize new challenging opportunities.

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