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Volta Start is now available
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About Satellite Volta

Big Data and NoSQL

Satellite Volta is a project that shares and develops Open Source software. Follow the publishing of tools and libraries and download free video tutorials, manuals and case studies. Get involved in our projects and make the most of NoSQL models.

Large amounts of unstructured and high velocity data are unmanageable with traditional DBMS (Database Management Systems): new methods and tools are needed to process information.

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Our way to pay back the Open Source community

Satellite Volta is now officially among the projects of Cassandra Wiki, the open and collaborative section of Apache Software Foundation offering useful information and latest releases.
Find out where many Cassandra developers and community members hang out and get our tools and libraries.

Open Source Tools

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Volta Start is an Apache Cassandra installation package for Linux distributions which includes an installation wizard for setup and configuration of a node of the cluster in a few simple steps.

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Volta Control is a tool that allows you to design, implement and manage Cassandra database through a graphical interface. You will be able to display the list of keyspace and related tables in a node and carry out reading / writing / deleting operations using CQL code.

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Volta Log is a java library that enables you to manage the logs of your application, saving them in Cassandra within a designated structure instead of a file. As a result, it ensures faster access to logs and a more efficient management of them.

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Volta Monitor is a health-status monitoring tool: by connecting to a node, you can see the topology of the cluster and check status, loading and statistics of data on each individual node .

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Volta Criteria is a java library designed for those who want to integrate Cassandra database within their java application, providing intuitive methods for statement construct: you will not have to write code (and therefore know the syntax) CQL when carrying out CQL queries and statements.